Stop 1: Brdy angel

Statue of Brdy angel was created in 2000 by Václav Česák, native of Starý Smolivec. Brdy angel is guardian of positive energy.

History and monuments of village Starý Smolivec

The first known owner of the village Starý Smolivec was squire Drslav in year 1368. Next owner was Přibík from Řesanice since year 1413. Starý Smolivec belonged to his family for long years. In year 1550 brothers Václav and Mikuláš built here a stone fortress with a wooden superstructure. Next owners of village were Odnřej Řesanický from Kadov, after him his daughter Zuzana and her husband Jan Lipovský from Lipovice. In year 1697, The grandson of Jan Lipovský sold Strý Smolivec to Jiří Vojtěch  JAnovský from Janovicem, who joined the village to Oselce dominium. Owners of Oselce dominium built, in the first half of 18th century, two-storey baroque palace with chapel of the Holy Cross Promotion. This is probably the work of the Italian master Anthony de Maggi. In the years 1647 - 1849 was operated brewery in Starý Smolivec and in the years 1790 - 1879 contributory granary. The brewery is here not preserved, but the Baroque palace and granary are preserved. Starý Smolivec had owned the owners of Oselce since 1887, after that Karel Lilgenau got the local court with properties, fields and woods in the area of 1235,5 ac. The first school was built in 1827. It was closed in 1905, due to the opening of a new two-story school. The school was closed in 1976, but the building is being used more and serves the public as a nursery school. Number of houses and population increased in the twentieth century. In 1654, there were six farms earlier, two new, 3 abandoned, and then there were two cottagers, 9 gardeners and two houses also abandoned. In 1720 there were already 22 farmers, one tailor, one blacksmith , one gamekeeper's lodge , one tannery , one sheepfold and one mill to unstable water (Siblíkův). In 1770, the village has 42 numbers in the early 20th century, there were 80 numbers and 665 inhabitants lived here. Electrification of the village was in 1929, the water line was built in 1958. In 1894, it was founded Fire Brigade, which operates to this day. There was an amateur theatre group and the local library. On the village square stands a statue of St. Vincenc - baroque work from the first half of the eighteenth century. Memorial fallen of the First World War is situated in the park. At the beginning of the village from the direction of Young Smolivec stands a small village chapel.


The highest Czech inland mountains has immemorial Slavic name. Word Brdo had a general meaning elongated wooded hill - the crest of the whole system of such hills then called Brda, the newer shape Brdy. In the Czech Republic passed during the time this noun in the local name, indicating forested mountains extending from the centre of the country to southwest. Area of coherent whole vast forest, which lies in the southwest of central Bohemia, called Brdy. It is a large area submountane to mountain character, geomorphological, geological, climatic, botanical, zoological clearly distinguishable. Brdy territory was due to bedrock and harsh climate settled and did not spread agriculture here. The first changes took place in the Brdy to the High Middle Ages, when there because of the need for metal partial deforestation. On the deforested areas inside Brdy were created the village. Brdy were never significantly populated through the establishment of a military area in the 20th the last century, some villages have disappeared. Brdy territory is valuable because of mountain and submountain phenomena preserved water regime in a minimal influence of human habitation. There are rare biotope, especially protected species of organisms, extensive heath land and successional stage (due to military activities). Stone sea, rocky cliffs, siliceous - remarkable geological phenomena were due to bedrock.

The only mountainous island in central Bohemia, with the highest peak Tok of 865 m is a large forest complex not only spruce-dominated culture, but also a number of sites preserved species composition. There is a military firing range impact area and their unique nature. This is a biogeographical interface, internal borders of Bohemia, where there are a crossing of major central Bohemia corridors. There are significant geological and paleontological localities. Central and Southwest Brdy, Czech Karst and area around Krivoklat are complementary to each other in terms of a set of European nature.

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